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  • dtuk red tuning box

    No real downside.. more the lack of benefits of getting a new one. Andrew at DTUK is really helpful but not on second hand boxes. If you want to you can transfer it to the new car for a smaller price, think you just need to buy new connections and they'll update the software for free if needed. Plus the newer the box the newer and more refined the technology?

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    If it's currently on an Insignia it'll work. I'm not sure how vehicle specific they are to be honest but I've seen in mentioned on their website about different connections. That said the software is vehicle specific anyway apparently


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      Why have a tuning box that has settings 0-F if you cant go higher than 9 safely? Seems like a generic set of resistors with different leads for different cars. Just got off the phone to andy from dtuk and also thorney motorsports to see what they offer. Didnt mention eachothers products. The way andy spoke he didnt fill me with confidence about his products and kept telling me to check the website for the figures. Tms on the otherhand were more helpful. So yes tms will change 250 quid more. Than about double the price of dtuk but you will get better service and quality of product and end results. Dont think i wana take the risk of damaging a new car which costs a fair bit for 250 quid. Maybe if it was a cheap car that i didnt mind too much if it broke than id risk it with a tuning box