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Uprated intercooler and decat pipe

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  • Uprated intercooler and decat pipe

    You'd have to include dpf removal in the remap

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    Most of the intercooler pipes are actually reinforced rubber hoses, with one rigid plastic pipe linking to the inlet routed over the gearbox.

    I daresay you could get someone to fabricate some polished metal sections, linked together with blue silicone couplings and elbows.

    I think you would have some major work squeezing an uprated cooler into place, but it should be achievable.

    If you are going to change the turbo and intercooler, you are going to have to remap anyway, as the fueling and boost control settings in the oem map will not match the characteristics of the new package, and could result in an undrivable car and possibly wreck the engine.

    The necessary remap can incorporate removal of the DPF/Cat at the same time.

    A bigger turbo might give more overall power, but it is likely to suffer more from lag. So you are going to lose throttle response and flexibility. Not even sure if this is possible. Aren't the original turbo and exhaust manifold cast as a single unit?

    Why not just go for one of the remap packages from the likes of Thorney Motor Sport? That is supposed to liberate 30 - 35 horsepower, without spending a fortune on the other stuff.

    Or llike Andy-g says, swap it for a 2.0T, or a VXR.
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      Thorney would be the people to ask mate. Although I most work is on the petrols