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Humming noise when accelerator released

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  • Humming noise when accelerator released

    boost control valve,have a gander here -??http://www.insignia-...control +valve-

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    AmzB, on 17 August 2015 - 05:07 PM, said:
    Hi guys, I need your help. I've got a Insignia 2011 CDTI, when I let go of the accelerator it makes a humming noise specially at low speeds, it also sometimes makes the same noise when I turn the ignition off, any idea what it could be??


    Boost control valve = knackered.

    About ?40 and 5 minutes of your time to change.


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      It's a small white valve to the right of the bonnet catch as you open the bonnet on the front slam panel. There will be small pipes going to it (vacuum).

      Unclip pipes (remembering which way round they were).

      Until bolt valve from slam panel.

      Throw old valve over left shoulder.

      Fit new valve.

      Refit vacuum pipes (right way round....)

      Make a brew. Feel smug.

      That is of course if it is that. Common description for the sound is a cow mooing.

      If it hasn't made the sound, flick the valve and it probably will...


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        No problem mate, that's what we do on this forum.

        I'm just paying it forward, as I have had some great advice from this forum that saved me loads of time and money.

        I found when I changed mine, the turbo had less lag too.


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          just a mention on the price of this part,you can get the original part for ?42 inc plus free delivery(3 days)from worldcarparts look at their ebay site.(just got mine)the genuine part no is 55573362.