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Upgrading 1.8 engine

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  • Upgrading 1.8 engine

    ^^^^ Just what I was typing!......And 4x4 doesn't appear to have been an option on the 2.0T, at least not after 2012
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    ?1500 seems very cheap for new complete unit. It would be good even for a reconditioned one.

    Plus everything Mark says.

    I think you'd be looking at a minimum of 5 days labour, probably more. That's if anyone is willing to take it on. (Unless you plan to DIY?)
    Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys


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      Check DTUK pedal box. Maybe worth a try.


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        andy-g, on 30 November 2013 - 12:26 AM, said:
        I love the seats , prefer them to the recaros in the astra vxr we had !

        Wash your mouth out.

        Haven't you got recaro seat in yours anyway Andy? I have.. I'll find a picture


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          Here you go..


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            I know the feeling. Luckily we've still got our seat from the first one. It's a bloody mine field!


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              Anything is possible if you are prepared to throw money at it. To do all the work required, I doubt if you'd see much change out ?5000. (Turbo, custom manifold and exhaust, intercooler, oil feed for the turbo, perhaps some internal engine work, custom written ECU program, labour)

              Then you would still have to insure it.

              It would be far cheaper and simpler to trade the car in for something like a 2.0T, and perhaps have that remapped if you're still not happy.
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                marcines, on 04 September 2015 - 03:43 PM, said:
                Maybe there is other way to improve the performance of Insignia with 1.8 engine. My father has Vectra C with exactly the sam engine and I have to say his car is a monster in comparison with my Insignia. And in my opinion the difference is not about the weight of Insignia which is only 220 lbs (100kg) more heavy than Vectra is.

                I was driving through the mountains with both of these cars. One year there was 5 people and full luggage in the Vectra and another year 3 people with luggage in my Insignia. So more or less the total weight of both of these cars was similar. The Vectra had no problem with acceleration on 5th gear driving uphill while in Insignia I had to use 3rd gear!

                Maybe the gearbox is the issue? What you think?

                Not sure on this, on my car 1.6T vx have restricted the throttle response, may be they have done this also on the 1.8 siggy. I have suggested to members on here, trying out the pedal box from DTUK may help.

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