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  • Tuning boxes

    So I'm becoming more and more tempted by a tuning box.

    My local garage does remaps and gets good reviews but... I suspect they won't want to know if my engine goes boom.

    Thorney are too expensive and with only 9 months warranty left not worth it.

    The various boxes seem to get good/ great reviews and many people swear by them. I'm after a bit of extra power and economy.

    So what are peoples thoughts?

    DTUK are well known boxes are ?250-?350 from the looks of it so the price of a remap however it can go on a new car/ be sold.

    Diesel express seem to be another well known one but are loads cheaper. Why? Are these just the resistor in a box?

    Celtic tuning now seem to do a plug and play box


    Now they get a good name for tuning so will their box be good? Has anyone got one? No prices on the site so I've emailed them.

    Any advice is appreciated as I'm doing my head in now.

    I always seem to have an argument going with myself and now I've got the winter tyres it seems tuning boxes is the next one!

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    Its a shame VX dont fit something similar when the cars come off the production line, my zafira auto was faster than the siggy and it had 10 less BHP and 4 years older.
    I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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      Would love to open up a dtuk red box and look inside. They say they can reprogram them for different cars so must be more than just basic resistors


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        A box that cost more than DTUK? That's crazy talk.


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          Poe, on 24 December 2013 - 07:37 AM, said:

          Here you go mate:-


          They look like they have a bit more to them than just a resistor in a box to me !

          Silicone thats what i like to see.??I mean silicon......

          Ok so now im tempted. 9mnths left on the warranty so no point taking the TMS route. And this is removeable and only half tge price


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            You and me both... It's just the insurance issue that's stopping me really