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My new insignia a couple of questions :-)

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  • My new insignia a couple of questions :-)

    I will point out now that DPF delete will apparently be an MOT failure from this year onwards. As for remaps plenty of alternatives out there for around the ?300 mark as the ECU is protected so needs some messing about to map it apparently.

    Anyway welcome to the forum.

    If you think a question has been asked before always worth doing a search to check.. although sometimes asking google yields better results as the forums built in search can be a bit picky at times

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    Welcome along. Jamie's correct on the DPF regulations. If it leaves the factory with one it has to have it to pass the MOT by Oct 2014.


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      It's the emissions the test goes by so I'd assume it would fail that part of the test as the DPF reduces these.


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        Tom ling, on 04 February 2014 - 09:24 PM, said:
        Thanks for the welcome. Would cutting removing the insides??and welding it back up still fail? If so that spoils my plans .

        Up for debate at the minute but expensive to reverse if the garage check it's removed.


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          I used both and never notice??any difference except to my wallet.


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            Same here.