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  • God I Miss My Box

    You're changing the car.. The box is still working fine so I wouldn't call that shelf life

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    I have been thinking about getting my car remapped but it seems no one can do it as it's a12 plate so I was thinking if a DTUK CRD2 box would be an option question is do I wait and see if anyone can do the remap or go ahead with the box

    Your thoughts please


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      What's the difference between the two


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        I have just bought and fitted a Bluespark PRO + with the boost control I haven't had chance to give it a long run but the short run seemed a lot smoother on the default settings??the good thing with these is that if you change the car they will remap it for you so you don't need to start again they also offer a 28 day satisfaction guarantee

        They did let it down slightly by not supplying the correct instructions ( there was no guide to connecting the boost wiring ) and they are not open at the weekends for advice