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  • Car steaming up

    If you have "auto" leave auto on, leave A/C or climate on and set your temperature to 20/21 or your own preference and the sensors should do the rest for you. If you need to "boost clear" use the buttons as described above by Andy, but when you turn them off once the screens are clear, make sure the buttons are as first described here and that will then control the problem, unless as suggested, you have a damp problem within the car.

    Other methods are available, but this works for me.

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    The fact that the car fogs up after being started suggests that at least some of the moisture is coming from within the aircon system.

    If the weather conditions were particularly wet or humid on the previous occasion that the car was used, and the aircon was in use, some light fogging on start up can be expected and would be regarded as normal. However, with the aircon on, the windows should clear again pretty quickly, perhaps assisted with the front/rear demist settings.

    If the fogging becomes particular bad and persistent, then the system needs checking. The condensate drains for the condenser and evaporator could be blocked, or the pollen filter might be wet, as previously suggested.

    Also, check that the fresh air intakes aren't obstructed with dead/wet leaves. The intake grills are in the panel where the front windscreen wipers are mounted. Any blockage here obviously restricts fresh air flow, but can also result in rain water running off the windscreen and entering the intakes, instead of draining to the ground.
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      busajohn, on 08 November 2014 - 07:49 PM, said:

      ok will do a google to see where and how to remove that cheers

      It's behind the glovebox. Remove 4 screws to remove the 'box and you'll see where it is hiding.