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  • Pull out boot cover

    Was in kind of the same boat, with added help and a superb email address from Gaz vx are sorting my boot cover and a new one is arriving at my local stealers next week.

    I sent them a hd video clip of the problem, it was sent to all email addresses i had...??wondering if this is the same for you Wynthorpe?

    Heres the clip i sent :


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    Well after a hefty amount of emails to Managers and Team Leaders, service departments. I then went for higher archy. As getting nowhere with them, their attitude was blatent they just dont care ( wonderful customer service) The car was bought from Evans Hallshaw so i sent their ceo an email, and Gaz was able to give me the email address of the ceo of vauxhall, things started to roll instantly his email address is :??



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      Yaye it arrived this morning popped down to stealers and they fitted it in, i know how but seein as it took allmost 4 months a let them climb in the boot and fit it.??Happy now />