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door handle - chrome insert

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  • door handle - chrome insert

    The chrome insert on the rear right door of my new Insignia Tourer fell off.

    I thought it was a nice simple job for the garage to obtain a new chrome insert but no. They tell me they have ordered up a complete new handle which will have then to be painted and then I will have to book the car in for the handle to be fitted to the car.

    Surely a complete new handle is unnecessary?


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    why not buy the over the top chrome handles that just stick with 3m onto the handles I bought a set and wow they are quality and cheap ish to, i bet heck of a lot cheaper than buying a door handle and stealers fitting it?

    these are the ones i bought for mine :


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      Apologies that I did not make myself clear that the car is brand new and the work is being done under warranty.

      I just don't like the idea of things being taken apart unnecessarily as my previous experience has been that they they frequently are not reassembled perfectly.

      Looking at the handle it is painted under where the chrome insert was which made me think that the chrome was simply clicked into place.



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        had mine on over a year now and they look like new.


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          I have just fitted these to mine they make a real difference??I like shiney


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            slidexx01, on 30 September 2014 - 08:45 PM, said:
            Hi anyone knows if these crome door handles kits fit to facelift version.


            Are you just going through every door handle thread posting the same thing? Nice way to spam the forum haha