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project carbon rap grill & fog light surrounds.

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  • project carbon rap grill & fog light surrounds.

    Nice job there mate, how did you unclip the spars without breaking them.

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    I've done it with the chrome still attached and although you can't do it right across, has to be in two sections its looks great. Doing Neverlandandy's on Tuesday for him. Hopefully won't too difficult again.


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      Ps Sorry mate, cracking job. And as Paul says if they clip out easy let me know before I do Andy's on Tuesday.


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        I re-wrapped mine this morning and by god did I do a better job second time around. Wanted to try a few things before doing Andy's tomorrow. One wee trick apart from using the hair dryer was to use some QD on th back of the wrap to slide it in behind the VX badge so that its neat into the edges!


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          Ps only took me 30 mins this time instead of 2 bloody hours!


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            Weathers to be good as far as I know mate. See you tomorrow!.


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              Scotty, on 22 October 2012 - 12:27 PM, said:
              Ps only took me 30 mins this time instead of 2 bloody hours!

              I also think that a little bit of chrome sets it off, so 30mins this time, guess that was for just the wrapping? How easy is it to drop the bumper, is there any show hows?


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                Cheers gents. Wish i had the balls to but i don't take the bumper off. I do it with grill/chrome attached. The carbon wrap is very forgiving and if you make a mistake take it back up heat it and put it back on. I measured it all out first. Tomorrow when I wrap Andy's I'm going to try doing the bottom two bars in one long strip instead of two bits joined like mine. Feel more confident in manipulating the wrap now to try it. If it doesn't work the I'll do it in two and match it in.


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                  That's the way I did the first time and as the amount of wrap I had left this time I didn't have enough to cut out a full strip. So cut and match. I'll do full strip for Andy tomorrow!


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                    Thanks, will look at doing it next week, project for the kids on half term />


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                      Picked up my new grille from the stealers, as they are replacing it as the badge fell off /> thought it was the whole grille, but is only the top bar and badge, so my cunning plan to wrap it, and give it back to the stealers to refit for me has been thwarted! Doh!


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                        Sorted />


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                          Looking good buddy.


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                            Cheers -

                            Just returned the damaged grille the stealers, they reckon vx ought to do it as standard!

                            The easy part was removing the bumper, the grille was trickier, but i'm happy with the finished look.

                            There are a few points to note:

                            1. Wheel arch torx - 3 ea side

                            2. Bonnet slam panel - 4 x torx screws & 6 x 8mm bolts

                            3. N/S under bumper 1 x 8mm bolt

                            4. Torx bolts, can be undone with a 10mm ring spanner

                            5. Plastic panel pins x 4 - remove centre of the pins carefully, then remove the rest.

                            6. Gently pull the bumper forward, it may catch on the slam panel, so gently lift it. Remember the outside air temp sensor and front parking sensor wiring is attached. Disconnect these and its off.

                            7. Removal of the grille back plate, loads of clips, i used a electrical screw driver handle to splay open the clips and prized apart gently.

                            8. Remove the bits you want to wrap.

                            9. The back plate and grille can all be refitted, to the bumper and that refitted to the car.

                            10. The newly wrapped parts can be insrted back into the grille on the car, press firmly until you hear the click!

                            11. Stand back and be proud, your car looks great! />


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                              I removed mine hitting a pheasant at about 35mph, it would probably take years to do it again though />

                              After the wildlife removed it, there were 9 plastic pins which had held it in place, so i guess that you could drill these from the rear of the grill, and as suggested elsewhere on the forum, just super glue it back on.