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Fitted the debadged lmf grill today

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  • Fitted the debadged lmf grill today

    Well it arrived this morning, and finished work early to add it to the car,, very happy with the results, but it was a bugger to get the old grill off the bumper,, took me 3 hrs and a few swear words and abit of blood but it was well worth it /> :

    used compact camera :

    the finished result :

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    Just to ask i know its been threaded a million times but i want to add clear white fog lamp bulbs to the ones under the bumper so they light up the same colour as the htecs and polargs as they are lighting up the standard dull yellowy colour what bulbs do i buy thanks />


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      I like that, a lot. But wouldn't dare take my bumper off! I'd feck it up. God I can't even change a bulb without dropping them into the light!!!


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        Thanks all for your replies, I wanted an elegant grill and the badged vxr grill was the closest chrome grill i liked until i saw this one, not to everyones taste but i love it..

        ??I am gonna add it to ebay Paul in the near future but as a full grill dont know bout ?100 just dont have much space to keep it so will be putting it in at a silly price?? 40pounds, no offers + p+p or collect.

        Next big mod is the alloys but itl have to wait till summer

        Have my eyes on these, if you scroll the page down the pictures change shows them on an ST and a Saloon :


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          Nice wheels. Look quite OE and look good on the ST!


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            Thanks gents, I loved that grille and now Unilateral has it on his and it looks smart, ive since added the Irmscher Grille and had to cut this time the stock grille so i could bond it then fit it to the bumper and bumper back on .

            Heres a most recent shot I think I may add the aluminum strip to the grille this weekend if its dry :


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              yep the lmf grille is a straight swap