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Boot chrome stripping

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  • Boot chrome stripping

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has stripped the chrome from the boot and lights pieces? I know people have painted over it but I just tried soda blasting it and all that did was clean the chrome at 120 psi! I've ordered crushed glass shot instead but I know that strips rust off metal so I'm either going to destroy the piece or my plan is to stay far enough away to not destroy the plastic and keep the pressure down slowly increasing it until the desired effect is achieved, I tried soaking it in Mr muscle oven cleaner and then bleach and nothing has stripped it off! If I paint it I can't really rub down the emblem properly as it's too fiddly so I want it stripped

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    Finally got around to finishing and fitting my boot strip and lights, chrome to painted black and it looks great


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      Moved to correct section.



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        Very nice, looks good black on black.


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          Yeh I think it looks much better especially at night, it suits the car more, I will do more bit by bit but ran out of cash and time at the moment, next time I paint I think I'll strip off everything and do it all at the same time now I know what's decent for paint and laquer. Was going to do front grill but I will eventually be putting the vxr bumpers on so probably not much point at the moment


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            De chroming ain't for me.

            If your happy with it bud that's all that matters.

            Vxr bumpers........I've looked for ages all seem to be damaged or bits missing.