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  • Boot button - Hatchback

    I have got a saloon and my boot switch has stopped working, lucky for me i can open it with my key fob. Have been told by VX it's not a recall but mine is out of warranty, the garage i bought it from will repair it but there is a load of switches on back order near 1.000 at the last count. Typical VX, don't give a **** attitude.

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    I think that vx need to solve this problem once and for all. It appears to be all insignias are affected. It possible will be this the same on other ranges where this switch is used. My advice is to write a email to vx cust care, stating that you are aware of the continuing problems with this switch and what are Vx doing or planning to rectify this poor design?

    From what i have seen the numbers vary between 500-1000 switches on back order, so they are aware of the problem.