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    Fancied a change so I bought Marks Irmscher Grille last week and fitted it this weekend, the bonding was fun still have the adesive on my hands and a few plasters to...

    As per usual heres the pics :

    Just about to start :

    everything loosened about to remove debadged vxr grille :

    New Grille almost on :

    Finished result :

    Still have the debadged grille for sale to be honest myself and Paul didnt think it suited a black car so its still up for sale for 55 pounds or nearest offer, prefer collection only but can deliver upto 20 miles away from Manchester or Morecambe (weekends).

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    Looking good buddy! Another nice wee mod!!


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      Stripped the surrounding chrome off the grille and gave it a good clean, 1 very small stone chip but cant really be seen , however grille looks almost new :


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          Nice job. Like the black grille


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            So your old grill then.... What you doin with it????


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              DSG4ME, on 13 October 2013 - 11:37 PM, said:
              I like both tbh,

              How did you get the badge off the old one Russ or is that another aftermarket grille?

              Its a after market grille, de-badged vxr grille. lmf vauxhall sell them.. mines for sale for 55 pounds ono new they cost 110 plus postage.


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                andyellis111, on 14 October 2013 - 08:49 PM, said:
                Looks really nice Russ your last grill was nice I nearly bought one, but this one suit much better

                Why the adhesive? I thought they just clicked in and out?!

                Thanks Andy, these Irmscher grilles dont come with the black templates that holds the grille in place so it has to be bonded from the bottom of the grille then just clicks into the top .

                The de-badged grille came with it. Thankfully i kept hold of the stock grille (what comes with the car) and used that, had to saw it (that was fun). Still have most of the chrome bits from that grille.


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                  dave16v, on 14 October 2013 - 08:58 PM, said:
                  PMed you fella,

                  Pm'd you Dave


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                    I dont have the surround anymore Gringo and theres a scratch on the top grille (very light) the badge is perfect though. I dunno 15 pound?? You'd have to glue I dont really want to sell them as there in a bit of a state.


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                      ive got the bits for the top but weathers bin duff but am 50/50 about adding them i like the way it looks now.


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                        It'l be less than 10 pounds al check it next week. al take some pictures of it all make sure your happy first.


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                          Am picture mad?? (havn't u noticed yet)


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                            cool, al sort it next week with you. check your pm. questions


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                              A new badge has pins that slot into place but I recommend gluing also