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Defects under clear coat.

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  • Defects under clear coat.

    I'm guessing it's the little dark marks. Very difficult to see from that photo. If you have no come back a smart repair may be a option if it's bothering you?

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    Chipsaway or Dentsaway can do a small panel spray job at your home. Normally it's for scratches, small dents and stone chips but I don't see why they couldn't quote you for this type of thing. Saves you a fortune and you get a lengthy warranty with the work.


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      Poorly by the looks of it. Let us know how you get on. Other possible option is a good detailer may beable to sand and polish it out!!


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        I would be unhappy with a repaired car, not knowing what it had been repaired for.

        Contact the previous owner to find out what was done, also ask him if he declared it when he sold it on.


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          I wouldn't think so. If it's been repaired or touched up I wouldn't say anything. That's what their inspection/valuation should be for. As we know it's just a glance over in most cases! I didn't say to dealer that my car juddered and spluttered when cold when I traded it in.