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  • Dual branch exhaust

    number you/we found above (13287459) is the hatchback one. I have spoken to a couple of different dealership parts departments since and have been given the numbers??13287459 (what we thought) & 13269456 for the same thing. Genuine Parts Search say that the 13287459 is in stock but is the hatchback part, they are checking the other part number for me.

    I have just had the ....7459 number quoted as the correct part for the rear valance insert, ?86.40 inc vat. Just enquiring with exhaust centre to conduct the mod, will keep you updated.

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    Alpha10, on 19 June 2014 - 09:57 AM, said:
    As this is the Dual exhaust sticky, I was wondering if all you wonderful people with knowledge/access to the part numbers could put in one place on here a list of all the part numbers we would need to go to the dealer and say "order these please" perhaps split up into hatch/ST/VX-line and pre/post MY14 groups. Earlier in this thread there were some Irmscher part numbers, but I assume that now the bi-turbo is out there should be all the necessary Vx parts available to order.

    I for one would find this increadibly useful after a frustrating morning at the Dealers, who could not work out what I needed to order...


    Same question.??anyone can help?


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      Nice.... I want quads but I'm still so u decieded... Think I may do it but go slightly smaller than yours. Are yours the standard exhausts but 2 of them each side?


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        You could get some business off others members doing that job! Looks great.


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          So is that the part number for the bumper insert with two exhaust exits. Looking for one for my saloon. Thanks


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            Nope, best I know 13269456 is double exhaust, saloon/hatcl. 13287459 is double exhaust, tourer. Other bits will be needed if your going to hang an exhaust too.