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What colour wheel nut caps?

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  • What colour wheel nut caps?

    Mine look horrible. Not sure in the original colour has worn away or what but it looks like it was once dark grey and now is whitish. So planning on respraying them but not sure on colour.

    Seem some people with a dark grey which is nice?

    Or match the colour of the wheels?

    Silver/chrome or is this tacky?

    Any other ideas?

    Car is carbon flash (black) with 17" standard SE alloys

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    When I first painted them they looked abit to silvery if you know what I mean but now they have gone a tad dull and look factory fit

    Just done

    Taken a few weeks back :

    If you paint them black again the white stuff will ruin them its the chemicals they use at the hand car washes that do it.

    You will need to rub them down first with fine sand paper.


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      Where did you get the silver paint from? If you put lacquer on wont it protect the paint? Your 20s look great. Would love something than the standard 17s i got but costs too much rims plus the extra each time i replace tyres


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        I bought plastiKote , Fast Dry, Project enamel , e5408 chrome effect, i didnt add laquer. they look perfect tbh and have been on for some time now heres the link to the can :


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          You could get a nice set of 18s sri alloys for less than 400 inc good tyres, tyre prices are pretty much the same and the cars overall look and stance would look tons better. you could keep the 17s for next winter.


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            Pop some pics up please.