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Water Leaking into boot 2010 insignia

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  • Water Leaking into boot 2010 insignia

    Common fault is the washer jet on the rear window

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    Made a post about this exact issue the other day, still waiting to dump a small mate in my boot to see if we can find the source. It's not my washer as the car was parked for 5 days??and I had dried it out but when I checked it when I returned from working away it was wet again.


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      Lrevill, on 05 February 2014 - 01:35 PM, said:

      Thanks for the replies, not sure if it is any of the above as the amount of water is excessive, and only showing down the right hand as you look into the boot.

      Is there anything could get in under the plastic trim (holes underneath?) that you can see along the top of the boot hatch opening when the boot is open?

      Should this be fixed as mine can be moved?

      How do you remove this without breaking the plastic plugs that hold it in as i have manged to do ?

      This is exactly the same place as mine, looks like the liner has been removed and not refitted properly as one of the lugs is snapped. Hopefully be able to spend some time on it this weekend to sort it out.


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        Thanks mokus2009, I'll get onto that tomorrow probably