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  • flyeye headlight

    They look really good. However, as previously discussed they are illegal. Traffics can take a dim view of them and they will fail an MOT. Shame as they do set it off nicely.

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    Not heard any issues with them going on the back.


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      Never used fly eyes. However, when wrapping I used a hair dryer to soften and stretch the material.


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        bigmac, on 01 February 2014 - 01:24 AM, said:

        Sorry but they are MOT legal and mine has passed two Mot's with them on. They do not alter the beam pattern or light output enough to fail, this is direct from vauxhall dealership MOT tester. I have also asked a friend who is a traffic officer and he stated as long as light is not effected and it causes concern to other drivers then they would be ok.

        Exactly what bigmac said, they are not illegal. I have them front & back on my car and never had any issues with them. Go on to and there should be a section on the legalities of them