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2nd hand car warranty

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  • 2nd hand car warranty

    Have you look at these.

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    Topcat, on 02 May 2014 - 08:55 AM, said:
    Took out a 3 year comprehensive policy with Warranty Direct. ?1000 for 3 years to include premature failure of steering and suspension components. It has a ?50 excess. Been through the small print and the only condition is to keep up the manufacturers service schedule.

    A colleague has used WD for a number of cars and although you will get the usual 20 questions there has been no quibble at paying up time.

    I hope to never use the policy but what I bought (getting a discount from the dealer for not wanting their warranty) is peace of mind for less than a quid a day.

    My advice is haggle when taking out any policy and work the underwriters against each other.

    Good luck and happy motoring....

    warranty direct was very popular on my old forum( there will allways be the claim that will be turned down,but overall the feedback was good,it seems if you go on the internet for a quote,dont accept it,they will contact you after a few days with the"offer of the day"which will be a lot less than the original,you may also try to warranty with net/q ends later this year so a month or so before, I will contact them,if you take up their offer before yours runs out there will be no break in cover.i am sure they cover some wear and tear.


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      stugee, on 04 February 2015 - 12:45 PM, said:
      I bought a 3rd party warranty with my Signum CDTi V6. The reason was that the SCV's can go and the bill is usually ?1k+. Low and behold 8 months later and 8k miles the SCV's started to fail. Its a well known fault, but when the garage diagnosed the fault they said the SCV's were blocked. The warranty company said it only covered failures and that blocked SCV's could be caused by misfuelling (total BS!). In the end the refused to pay anything. I will never pay for a warranty again!

      sorry to hear that,who were the bustards,name em shame em.