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Install second reverse light lamp Insignia

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  • Install second reverse light lamp Insignia

    I love the idea of two reversing lights, and that part is simple enough. I need to know more about fitting the rear fog. It looks like you have fitted an additional bulb holder to the cluster, fair enough, but why not fit two? Also, is that set-up legal? Has anyone on here done this mod?

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    Bonjour Insignia 38. Thank you, I like the idea. When I have time, I will do this mod.

    In the UK if one rear fog is fitted, it must be on our offside (right), and must be 100mm from a brake light, (this might not apply if two fitted) so I will have to take some measurements.


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      OK, I want to go ahead with this mod. It would be helpful for someone to give us some instructions, for right hand drive cars. I would like to know which reversing light wires to cut/connect, plus how connect the new fog light, (or two). I would personally prefer to fit fit the "new" fog light into the bottom of the cluster, using a red bulb.


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        I have not had the time for this yet, but will post as and when I succeed (or fail)


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          Sorry for the delay. I would like to have two reversing lamps, plus two rear fogs. I know I can mount a couple of white bulbs virtually anywhere in the cluster, but I would like the fogs to look identical. This means either fitting a red filter, or removing the existing one & using red bulbs. The wiring side is obvious, but I would hope there will be no Canbus errors. I am hoping someone will do this, as I just have not got the time at the moment, and when I have, it will be well into the Winter.

          Good luck if anyone has the time to do this, and remember to take pics for the How-to.