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noise in the gear

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  • noise in the gear

    Sounds like the thrust bearing on the clutch to me...

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    Or the dual mass flywheel... Thats the exact symptoms my old Vectra had.


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      Agreed, I had both the dmf (dual mass flywheel) and clutch replaced on my Vectra, but that was more due to wear and tear and the slave cylinder giving up.

      I thought the dmf was an "in gear" noise, for example when you have selected gear 1 and this noise appears on releasing the clutch pedal.

      The clutch bearing noise temds to be more of a noise when in neutral and applying the clutch.

      I could easily be incorrect on the above theory, either option isn't nice or cheap.

      Dependant on mileage and/or wear on the clutch, if you are replacing the clutch, you may as well have the dmf done at the same time and vice versa.


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        That is not good mate.

        Might be cheaper to have both done at the same time rather than separately.

        It will save the cost of a labour bill twice (once for clutch and once for dmf).


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          Think mine is starting to go too. I'm at 90k now though.

          Your LEDs are on their way to you.