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  • Reset Oil Life

    Craig VXR, on 22 July 2012 - 02:12 AM, said:
    To reset your oil life in the drivers information display :

    Insert your key into the ignition then turn the key twice so you should have all the lights in the instrument display on and the drivers information screen saying " checking " don't start the car.

    Once the drivers information screen has finished checking and it goes back to normal click the menu button on the left stalk and use the scroller on the end of the left stalk to scroll threw the drivers information display until you come to oil life.

    Once you get to oil life click the button the tip of the left stalk and you should get reset yes or no click yes and that's you??style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

    You can only reset while the key is placed in the 2nd slot in the ignition or it won't reset !

    Excellent, thanks for this.??The garage I bought my car from last week did an oil change etc but didn't reset the oil life (currently showing 9%!!!).

    When I spoke to them yesterday they were going to have to make some calls to see who could do it (they are a Ford/Volvo specialist).??Will try this later tonight.