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Rear Door Card Removal

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  • Rear Door Card Removal

    Folks, I have tried searching but cant see it, but is there a How2 of how to remove the rear door cards? Im handy with tools and DIY, I have done Vectra's, Astra's but not tackled the Insignia but led to beleieve its one hell of a fiddly job and I cannot rememer the tricks for removing bits and bobs. Thanks.

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    Originally posted by RBH
    Pop the small cover off behind the door opening handle there's a T20 or a T25 torx behind it.
    removec the large silver door pull......2 torx inside it.
    Using a large plastic trim removal your way around the perimeter not the door card and pop off the door.
    Best put the window down fully.
    Pushing the panel up, it should come off the door frame.
    After its up, remove the plug for the window switch and the door cable.
    Very good discripsion


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      Best one I've found G.


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        Originally posted by Lizard View Post
        Best one I've found G.
        Brilliant, straight forward enough as I though, hammer and chissel time.