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Water in Wheel well and damp boot.

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  • Water in Wheel well and damp boot.

    Hi all, I'm not much of a forum dweller but was inclined to post up here after searching high and low on Google for a solution and I'm hoping this eventually help someone else out.

    For reference my vehicle is the 2015 Hatchback model.

    I found my boot carpet soaked and wheel well had 2 inches of water in, the boot lining was wet on both the left and right sides but dry centrally and toward the seats, if you have the same issue then maybe this will help you out.

    There are two fixes, one I found a video for whereby there is a cap with a gasket under the plastic trim just under the boot lid at the very top, mine is the facelift and when I checked mine had been blanked and factory sealant liberally (pictured) applied so I assume the video applies to the prefacelift version and was addressed by Vauxhall on the facelift.

    So unfortunately that wasn't going to work for me (but may for some) and to cut a long story short, water was running down the boot rain channels onto the rear lights (pictured) and running down the rear of the lights onto the bumper mounts (pictured), here there is a huge hole approx 12-14mm with just a sticker over it (pictured), it's basically a fabric plaster. Over time the glue has dried and allowed water to work it's way in, without appropriate rivets to remove and then re-revit I simply went for cleaning the area with solvent and ear buds then filled the hole behind the bumper mount with silicone (pictured). If you only have an issue on the passenger side then you can access the hole (pictured) from the boot without removing the bumper, it's behind the forward removable panel, though I think it would make most sense to do both regardless.

    Hopefully this helps someone also caught with the same issue, as I said to start with I'm not much of a forum person so I hope this is allowed to stay and I'll add some pictures though how they will appear I'm not sure, if at all as I don't have many posts to my name so maybe they won't be allowed.

    All the best!

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    Hi Buddy, Im guessing you have sorted this by now, I had the same issue, I sorted it as I found that with the tailgate open at the top of the car near the strut hinges there are plastic oval shaped covers one on either side, just lift them off and silicon seal them water seeps in there and runs down into the wheel well, hope it helps if not sorted already buddy