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2018 Insignia washer jets + automatic wipers

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  • 2018 Insignia washer jets + automatic wipers

    Hi guys,

    Looking for a little help with my new (to me) Insignia SRI VX-Line (2018). I noticed today that my rain sensitive wipers will just come on whenever they feel like it i.e. when it's not raining. No matter what sensitivity setting I put them on, they were coming on.

    I'm not sure if there's a potential fault with the sensor, or if my windscreen washer jets aren't aimed quite high enough to get the salt/grime off of the glass in front of the sensor?

    I suppose I'm asking two questions here:

    1. Is there any known fault with the wiper sensor / is this a common thing?
    2. Can I adjust my windscreen jets to aim higher to clean the windscreen at the sensor - right now they only hit the bottom half of the window? Each nozzle has 3 small holes.


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    Yeeeeehaaaaaaa johno
    rain sensing wipers are a bit of a funny thing ,I have them on one of my cars and mine go wobbly sometimes
    all it requires is a bit of water fouling the sensor and they flap like a domented thing .
    Best thing to do is clean the windscreen with a good quality product see if that helps .
    washers should hit the screen between half way up to 3 quarters up the screen .
    Use to be able to adjust them by using a safety pin ( the pin end ) and stick it in the nozzle and adjust up and down and side to side .
    also another thing is turn the auto function off then on again .
    make sure there's not a little stone chip near the sensor
    and that the sensor is stuck firmly to the window.

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      Damp weather in general can set them off. It doesn't have to be raining. I haven't heard of a fault. Just make sure you turn them off so they don't try to swipe when you next start the car. That's my general rule of thumb.

      Yeah easy to adjust. just stick a pin in them and move them. Very slight moves though. Took me a full bottle of fluid to get the aim where I wanted it last time I adjusted them.
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        the rain sensing wipers are ok in mine in terms of detection, what isn't good is the intermittent settings, even the lowest setting is far too reactive. As such, I never use the sensor setting. Why is is so reactive I have no idea. The jets can be re-directed as @marko201 says, just wish they were the same as the A jets, much better and much better to adjust - adjusting the B jets with them being in the bonnet edge is a royal pain!!