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Removing centre console

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  • Removing centre console

    Pull out ashtray, and use old credit card to prise up trim surrounding it from the bottom (glossy inverted 'U' trim). Pull out ashtray housing and disconnect wiring to cig lighter. Pop off two 'L' shaped trim pieces either side of console beside seats (from gear lever to carpet), move seat fully back for easy removal, they clip on/off, sometimes on removal a clip stays put co just pull off and reattach to trim piece. Use card to prise off the gear-lever gaiter. On right hand side remove 3 bolts on metal 'ruler type' piece' (half behind carpet) and unclip 2 wiring connectors behind. Move seats forward and remove screw either side on rear of console. There are 4 screws at the front, 2 either side, one high up (all 10mm i think) and one low down either side. Lift console up and backwards to remove. Done.

    Cant think what would be rattling around though, theres nowhere here for bits to roll about.

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    Hi buttons, thanks for the info on how to remove the centre console. I had a irritating sliding something coming from inside console, so took apart to investigate. I took some photos which may help others.

    Lift and remove:

    Removed the vent trunking, third screw easily seen, twist trunking to remove.

    Removed offending item! 😀

    Removed and checked armrest vent grill

    All intact, so must have been damaged & replaced previously ☹️

    Reverse to refit... simples, took about 30-40 mins.

    Hope it helps!


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      hi i have the 2018 insignia b need to remove centre console to take out ciggy lighter but cant find any refrence to what you say is yours the same model


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        Doubt it - this post is from March 2017, so probably Insignia A

        2018 1.5T SRi Nav
        Bi-colour 18" alloys, de-chromed grille and foglights, full heated leather, reversing cam with park assist, heated front screen and steering wheel, blind spot monitoring, self parking (used once, it's crap!), Nextbase 522GW front & rear dashcams


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          Just noyiced that do you have any idea how to take ciggy lighter out


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            Better off just putting up your own thread on here----more peeps will see it-------Dave