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  • Advice needed! - Sidelights

    Squeeze the tips with one hand then flick it out with a screw driver, just a small one. Works a treat and I got it out quicker than a mate who was a mechanic. But ssh he told me not to tell anyone.

    I struggled at first hence his offer of help as I walked down the street.

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    DonnyRick, on 16 April 2013 - 04:53 PM, said:
    Try using some long nose pliers to squeeze the clips. The smaller model making ones are great as easier to get in there but any should help. Been there and done it so feel your pain......literally.

    There are some threads in the lights section that should help too. Good luck!

    Long nose pliers are the best way of getting the two clips together then pull the black wires gently out will help to. Oh and I removed the top of the fuse box to get more space.


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      Which tip worked then to help others in future?