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Insignia Re-programming

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  • Insignia Re-programming

    Hi Everyone. I thought I would share something that recently happened just in case it applies to anyone else. I recently took my tourer into the dealership because the tailgate switch had broken. They told me that there was a recall on my car and all they would say was that it was for re-programming. Up to that point in time the car had always suffered from a flat spot when setting off from junctions and also when changing into second gear. Not any more, the difference is amazing. The pick up is very good with very smooth acceleration. Whatever they have done, it is like driving a different car. I would not have known about the recall if I had not taken it in for another fault.

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    It's probably the ECM update a lot of us have had.


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      my car is an 11 plate 2.0 diesel 158bhp