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front and rear parking sensors

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  • front and rear parking sensors

    So i've started my parking sensor project which will run the front and back sensors with an oem switch and a latching relay circuit

    The sensors i will be using are the cisbo 8 sensor buzzer only ones

    The latching relay

    And an oem parking switch from vx for about ?5

    The switch is a non stock item so will need to be ordered in

    The cisbo front and rear sensors work by connecting to the reverse and brake light to get the on signal.

    Braking will turn the front sensors on

    Reverse gear will turn the rear sensors on

    Reverse has priority over brake so braking while reversing will keep the reverse sensors on

    Now my problem is when im standing in traffic with my foot on the brake i dont want the front sensors beeping at me. And when im parking facing uphill i wont be using the brakes as much so front sensors wont work properly

    So heres the idea.....

    Parking switch will open and close the relay turning the sensors on and off

    Turning the ignition off will also turn the sensors off if you forget to before you leave the car

    The relay when activated will provide constant power to the front sensors and will switch to the rears when reverse gear is selected then back to the front sensors when forward gears are selected.

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    Karl will be here tuesday hopefully to convert the switch to blue leds to match the leds on the dash and also fit the rear sensors. Once thats done i can figure out a way to run all cables from the front of the car through the firewall and cabin to the boot.


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      Would love to see 1 exhaust never mind 2. Mine are the hidden ones. Once the back box needs changing i'll get it converted to two. Also would love bigger alloys but cant afford the tyres because of the miles i do


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        I have just added a post to show how I have wired the oem parking sensor switch so that the lights on the switch work which maybe of help to you search "inside the parking sensor"


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          Karls just been round and fitted the rear sensors and converted the parking switch leds to blue to match the rest. So thats the 1st part done. Once its all completed i'll edit the first post with the how to


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            Started bench testing the latching relay with the parking switch. So far so good