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  • phone.

    Try making and receiving a call on the handset whilst connected to see if that helps kick start it. Did you get the prompt asking to allow access to the phone book pop up on your phone?

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    I had similar when I updated to 4.3. So I put cyanogen mod on


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      Netsky2, on 12 January 2014 - 01:01 PM, said:
      My phone is paired but since the latest HTC update to sense 5.5,??my phone book doesn't show up.

      it`s something to do with the firmware. What provider r u on ? Have u upgraded the radio as well? R u on stock rom or rooted ? If rooted, personally i would go for Android Revolution HD (better battery and 1000 times smoother). I have tried the phone (HTC ONE) with this rom and an insignia with NAVI900, i could see the phone book.


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        Netsky2, on 13 January 2014 - 01:18 AM, said:
        I'm on Vodafone

        Stock radio

        Stock phone

        I'll delete the phone and pair it again, hopefully this will sort it.

        ajscott, on 13 January 2014 - 07:40 AM, said:
        I have HTC One and got upgrade to 4.3 having exactly same issue no phone book. I've just ordered new Siggy with the R700 touch screen so hoping that will work better. I also have trouble taking second call. I found my old iPhone worked better than HTC.

        What i would do, i would try first to check the HTC permissions. Somehow they screwed up with the sync and the permissions. Got the same problem when i was on jellybean, now on KIT KAT with the custom ROM no problem whatsoever. If you need help into rooting your phone and you are somehow close to Edgware, Burnt Oak or Harrow on the Hill, London I can help you with rooting your phone if is Android. After the custom you should have no problems, better battery life and the permissions should be fixed.

        A hotfix is currently prepared by HTC as it`s sense that is screwing that up (something to to with blink feed). Have you tried turning the blinkfeed off ? Maybe it works that way !!

        (rooting the phone WILL void your warranty)


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          Failing that I'll do it at the next meet.. Although it's a while since I've done a HTC should be easy enough


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            If you like. Did you try the Cm installer?