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Seat settings - saved to key?

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  • Seat settings - saved to key?

    You can save 2 settings. One for you. One for her

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    In the configuration you need to ensure personalisation by key - or something along those lines - is enabled.


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      Sirus10, on 24 January 2014 - 10:19 PM, said:
      Cool, thanks. Will have a look for the 1 and 2 buttons. Didn't know they were there.

      They should be blindingly obvious when you open the driver's door - they're on the right (outer edge) of the seat (see bottom of the pic below)

      They are only available if you have the fully adjustable electric seat (as opposed to the semi-electric which I think is just up, down & lumbar), and the key settings don't make any difference.


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        Instructions Extracted from 2012/13 Handbook

        Memorised settings

        Whenever the key is removed from the ignition switch, the following

        settings are automatically memorised by the key:Electronic climate control
        Infotainment system
        Central locking system
        Sport mode settings
        Comfort settings
        The saved settings are automatically used the next time the memorised key

        is inserted into the ignition switch and turned to position 1.

        A precondition is that Personalization by driver is activated in the personal

        settings of the Graphic-Info-Display. This must be set for each key used.

        On vehicles equipped with Colour-Info-Display, the personalisation is permanently activated.

        Also memorised are the adjustments of the driver's seat and exterior

        mirrors, independent of the memory positions.

        Power seat automatically moves into the saved position when unlocking

        and opening the driver's door with the memorised key and Personalization

        by remote control in the Colour-Info-Display is activated.

        It is not clear from the above, but I think the seat adjustment by personal key only applies if the 8-way electrically adjustable drivers seat is fitted
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