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Take a seat and talk to me... (Uncomfy Seats)

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  • Take a seat and talk to me... (Uncomfy Seats)

    I've got the standard leather seats in my Elite and they are fantastic. Loads of adjustment, nice and supportive. I can easily drive hundreds of miles in one go without comfort becoming an issue.

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    The seat takes a bit of getting used to but if you can get the setting right its really comfy..
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      Best way I found to adjust the seats is to set the height 1st. Then the tilt and recline. Set the lumber support all the way back. Get out the car and back in again. Then finally set the lumber support starting from the bottom of the back rest til its pressing in all the right places


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        all cloth vx seats are hard to start with even vws but after time they go like a sponge. still get a stiff neck after driving a while and feet ache pushing them pedals


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          All the seats are pretty much the same just different covers and elec or manual adjustments


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            Vini, on 05 March 2014 - 10:16 AM, said:
            I've been driving with a cushion on my SE Nav drivers seat for about 6 months now. Having collected it yesterday post MOT, my cushion had been put in the boot, but I drove home. I remembered how bad the seat is...

            Do different flavours of the Insignia have different seats? Ie. if I was to sit in an SRI would that be different to a VXR etc...

            I ask, as I would be tempted to replace my drivers seat with one from a different flavour Sig, if there are "others" out there.

            Alternatively, does anyone know if seats from other cars would swap in?

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              Cluster, on 27 February 2016 - 10:34 PM, said:
              Update...pulling the extension out fully cures my sore arse problem.

              Naturally, having any extension in your arse will make it sore. Don't put it in there in the first place
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                Oldish Thread, but the standard seats on the insignia are absolutely crap. And I loved the seats on my Vectra, and my Omega, but the Insignia seats are crap. That's the opinion of a male over 6 ft.??Full stop. If anyone is thinking of buying. 'Buy one with Sports Seats'. Opel had a great reputation for petrol engines and seats, but that's gone now. The sports seats on my Biturbo was the main reason I bought it. My spec was Biturbo, Sports seats, Sat Nav, AFL,.Have all and am happy.