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Vibration noise

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  • Vibration noise

    Car has developed strange vibration noise inside, only happens around 1800rpm and you can hear it like is coming behind centre dash, so I removed radio/heater controls ect. still there, looked under car on exhaust to see if any heatshields come loose ect. but can't see nothing, I'm sort of baffled what else could be, with noise like that it can travel from anywhere, looked around engine bay for any loose plastic hoses ect. I do wonder if could be any heater matrix pipes ect., anyone had anything like that? drives me insane.

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    So I had the car up now twice, and removed everything possible from centre dash without actually removing dashboard it self, and still can't pin point, once the weather gets bit better looks like will be dashboard job out

    When the car is cold there is no noise, only starts once the car warms up a bit