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Strange button on side of dash - 2011 2l cdti sri

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    One of my old early Vectra B's used to have a similar button but down by the bonnet catch, it used to be to overide the radiator fan, so this button you could press to make the fan come on and off if the car was heating up too much.
    Could be something as simple as that?

    Do any other lights illuminate at the front, rear, sides?
    Could it be for a tuning box?

    The suspense is killing me.


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      So, it turns out it appears to be linked to the front parking sensors!

      From what I can tell, the front ones only work when the switch is turned on.

      Maybe they're aftermarket ones ‍


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        Mine was definitely the front parking sensors. Switch it both ways and drive up to a wall or garage door. My betting is that is what it is. By the way, mine work whether on or off when you first get in the car if you are close to something. They stop working after the initial noise when you back up and they are turned off.