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Automatic gear knob swap (just the knob) DIY?

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  • Automatic gear knob swap (just the knob) DIY?

    2016 Automatic.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Insigna-gear-knob.jpg Views:	0 Size:	17.2 KB ID:	338813

    I reconded the interior meticulously <3 and all is perfect apart from the knob itself on top of the gearbox.

    I have an Opel(Vauxhall) shop near but their only option is replacing the whole assemblage+collar at about 150+100 for the work...

    Meanwhile Amazon offers just the knob for ~20 (which is the only thing I need to improve the looks of). E.g. this.

    I'm assuming there's a shaft sticking out of the collar if I manage to remove the old knob and I can pop the new one on relatively easily. But how?

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    have you been watching some kind of adult film?
    First it was "which lub for your piston "
    Now you want to change your kob for one off amazon!
    In the UK Harley Street do a range of knobs to suite everyone's budget , size and taste .
    Me I went for "sperm whale swapp "
    basically you donate your knob to a sperm whale , and the sperm whale gives you his.
    its a bit of a long process ( if you catch my drift)
    But they first take yours off, and then captain bird's-eye goes and attaches yours to the whale and comes back with the sperm whales knob to attach to you .
    its OK but I really don't know how I'm going to be able to fit that in my boxer shorts.
    if you want to know who the surgeon is, he is available for operations from a card I found in a telephone box ,



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      There are a few 'how to' videos on Your Tube just be careful searching for Knobs!

      here's one, looks simple enough.


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        Originally posted by Drew View Post

        There are a few 'how to' videos on Your Tube just be careful searching for Knobs!

        here's one, looks simple enough.
        That is Absolutely perfect! Thank you kindly my good man. We're apparently spoiled for choice, I got this one cos I suspected the rubberized smooth surface wouldn't stay looking good for long. But I might be wrong and there are tons of options.


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          ...and even though it said it fit year/model, it didn't. Couldn't put it on the shaft, the diameter was too small. Ordered this one instead, it specifies the diameter and it's wider.

          Edit: fitted now, it's not a snug fit but 14mm works.

          Also: You need a long, thin tie. I didn't have one exactly like in the video so maybe that's why. I used a thinner one and pulled it tight. Tried a normal width tie but it was too wide and the medium ones were too short.

          The leathery plastic was more plasticky than leathery and it's close to black, but a tad grey. I carefully applied some vinyl shine (knowing it's slippery, wiping most of it off after) and it's closer to the dash in color.