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Ventilation system only blowing through front vents

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    Originally posted by BristolInsigniaowner View Post

    Hey Caleb & RHB,
    sadly I didn’t get it fixed.. but I did locate the issue.
    luckily for me after fidgeting a bit I managed to at least get the flow of air into the windscreen.
    The problem lies in the white teethed cog joining the servo motor to the rest of the assembly and making the air distribution changes. It simply pops out of place, probably due to something not being aligned properly.
    sadly it seems the only clear access is through removing the dashboard, something I’m not prepared to do. Unless someone can suggest an easier way of gaining access?

    RHB, thanks for your ever so gracious dismisal!
    As lizzard-t has already said, it's's quite easy to remember as it's only 3 letters.

    We are gracious on here, particularly when we give advice and it's reported back, but your not singled out by any manner of means, as it's a constant bug bear on here, as people join up, get answers and don't bother returning with an answer as to whether it's resolved or not.

    Look at it from the forums point.....the answers and advice can save people hundreds of pounds in expensive bills and all we ask is a quick message back that may or may not help others in a similar situation.

    And DISMISSAL has 3 "S" not 2