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Better headlights on early 2017 insignia

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  • Better headlights on early 2017 insignia

    Hi guys, I've got to say I'm a little disappointed by the anaemic bulbs that came with the car when I bought it, both the dipped and full beams are subpar.

    I've read about a dozen threads on upgrading to Night Breakers, HIDs and LEDs, but I'm still not entirely sure what to go for. I had Night Breakers in my old car (2003 corsa), and was pretty happy with the light output of those, but if possible I'd be looking to go a fair bit brighter. It seems that HIDs are technically illegal so if that's the case and there's a workable alternative, I'd rather steer clear!

    These are the links I've seen be recommended around here, I'd be really grateful if anybody with more experience could give me some advice!

    H7 Nightbreakers

    HIDs - not sure if these are legal?

    LEDs (Need separate Canbus decoder) (Says out of stock though)

    I had a look at what's currently in, and its a Philips HIR2 LL 55W E1 bulb. The dipped and main beam seem to come from the same projector, so does that mean its just one bulb? Seems easy enough to change the bulb on the drivers side, but passenger side has the screen wash tank sandwiched against it... is it possible to change out without taking too much apart?

    Pictures below (it definitely looked cleaner in real life...)

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	Driver Side Front.jpg
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    I fitted piaa hyper arros hir2, much better light output. But it could be better....


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      Yes, 1 bulb only, a reflector flap moves for high beam. Vauxhall headlight output has always been crap, I've replaced all headlight bulbs on every vauxhall I have owned, even my saab 9-3 lights were crap......


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        Wasn't expecting such a quick reply, thank you! Nice to know its only one bulb, makes it half as costly

        I just remembered the old car had H7 bulbs too, so I'm going to swap those night breakers into the insignia, and see how it goes, bit simpler than fitting HIDs or LEDs. Still, like you say, could be brighter...


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          The HID's kit you've linked.......waaaaay too expensive.


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            Click image for larger version

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            I don’t want to break the light trying to pull it out of that plastic bit, but these don’t look like I can swap them out for each other...

            The pins on the philips one are thinner and slightly closer together than on the H7 night breakers too.

            Edit - I'm a mug and didn't realise HIR2 was a different fitting to an H7, I'd seen a bunch of posts about H7 bulbs & thought I had the same siggy model... whoops.


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              Bit more research into bulbs which actually fit, and these seem to have the best reviews:

              I've worked out how to access and remove bulbs on both sides now, any advice on whether I'd need a decoder?


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                Just to round off this thread. I took the plunge and bought these:
       - They come with a canbus decoder attached, and that plugged straight into the 9012 connector without throwing up any errors.

                Very happy with the results, I had the car in the local Perry's Vx for a sensor change and asked them to stick it on the MOT ramp to check them and level them if needed - they said it was fine and didn't need adjusting at all. Picture below with new vs old. Both colour and light output are a huge improvement.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Headlight Difference.jpg
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