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Insignia B headlight removal

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  • Insignia B headlight removal

    Hi All!

    Im after a how to on removing the headlights on my 19 insignia. It’s got the bog standard halogen headlights (they’re SO bad).

    I have to remove one (LH) to install the LED bulbs I’ve ordered. Long story short I bought the car and didn’t see that it’d been in a small accident at some stage and been repaired... As a result, the LH headlight is not sitting where it would’ve out of the factory and is sitting up a few mm.... The access hole (twist plug) for the bulb is too close to the rio above it now and I can’t get the cover off to access the bulb.... so I have to remove the headlight to change the bulb

    Any of you scholars out there know how tHis is done before I go and start pulling the whole front of the car apart?

    Thanks in advance!