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Replacing normal headlights with afl's

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  • Replacing normal headlights with afl's

    From what I've read elsewhere it's not possible. Plus the AFL lights are about ?600 each so why would you want to?

    Lots of wiring to redo for the AFL to work

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    I think the afl's are pretty dawn good,but I've got em

    So if op wanted to do this what price you recon he'd av to pay,fully fitted?


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      Can you message me the cost of your adapted lights please?


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        Photo bucket account. Its free. Either website on laptop or app for iPads etc. upload pics to PB and then select IMG code. Copy and paste it over to site!


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          Always a spoil sport eh Andy

          But that's a very good point,


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            That's not true Andy apparently. Your OK to fit aftermarket hids as long as they are level, which applies to normal lights, you're OK... Apparently


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              jmagee, on 14 June 2013 - 11:35 PM, said:That's not true Andy apparently. Your OK to fit aftermarket hids as long as they are level, which applies to normal lights, you're OK... Apparently
              Actually, Andy is right, at least in part. For cars made from 2010 onwards, when LED or HID headlamps are fitted, Type Approval regulations mandate the fitting of headlamp washers and suspension or headlamp levelling devices. This applies in both the UK and Europe.

              Aftermarket HID units and HID conversion bulbs fitted to cars manufactured after 2010 will not comply with Type Approval unless the additional equipment is also fitted.

              However, just to confuse matters, the latest MOT test manual only says with regard to LED or HID headlamps, headlamp levelling and washing devices may be fitted. Where fitted, such devices must work. Note: the significant phrase is "may be fitted", and not "must be fitted".


              (See section 1.7 of the Passenger and Light Commercials manual)

              On the VOSA website, there have been obviously a lot of questions on the subject.

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                That was my point. They only have to have washers if factory fitted.

                I'm just repeating what a mechanic told me anyway. It's all open to interpretation.


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                  Guys, after getting in touch with the supplier of these headlights from china who originally assured me that the drl's work they are now saying that they won't. I contacted our Greek friend who posted above about his "fix" and he refused to give me any info on it but was willing to sell me the units made up to retrofit to my lights. He seemingly wanted me to settle greece's financial downturn in one transaction for the privilege. I was going to pay him ?270 for his mod! Anyway, as some of you know I had been surprised with a trip away by my better half where I had pretty much bugger all signal so I had to pay him on my return. When I did get back I had email after email from this muppet threatening me and telling me he wishes god to strike me down! After a short and very sharp response from me saying he won't be getting a penny from me now here is his final response.........

                  Suprise valentines day with your boyfriend,right faget?Put your china fake headlights in your ass and maybe they start working automatically now.

                  I'd suggest to anybody even contemplating buying anything from him to avoid him and can I suggest a ban?


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                    Report him as spam.. I'll do the same


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                      Can you get your money back on the lights? I'm sure they can work as DRL but with some tinkering


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                        No, it was insignia180. I don't know how to report anyone. I'm always on mobile if it makes a difference v


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                          The Chinese people will give me a refund minus postage so I'd be down ?160 plus ?40 import fees for nothing. I have managed to get the drl's working with a basic relay circuit but I've not got them dimming for sidelights yet.

                          Not really sure what's best to do. I've suggested a partial refund to them but not heard yet. They are saying that the ad doesn't say they will work as drl but I asked the question to them before I bought them and they told me they would. The ad also does say that the wiring is the same (it isn't) and that they are plug and play, not plug and lose half your cars features!


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                            Click on the name then flag as spammer. I believe 2 reports stops them from posting. I've done it already


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                              Maybe he's been flagged enough then. Just tried and I get a message saying he's no longer active.