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Head lights and unlocking query

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  • Head lights and unlocking query

    I have a question again this time it's about the lights and the door unlocking

    I was looking thought the handbook and I saw that the headlights are only meant to come on when it's dark when the doors are unlocked which they do but mine also come on when the doors are unlocked in sunlight etc which seems pointless to me have I missed a setting somewhere?

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    Forgot to add its a 12 plate Sri nav 160 if makes any difference


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      Does it have the automatic lights?


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        Only works with auto light dunt it?

        You tried turning it off in the settings then back on?


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          andy-g, on 19 August 2013 - 09:05 PM, said:
          Mine only come on when its dark enough , I'd say yours aren't working correctly



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            Without autolights they will come on all of the time (it's a setting) with autolights they should only come on when it's dark enough.

            personally I think the DRLs should come one when unlocking the car as normal. It looks good anytime of day


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              I thought it was an option.. Not sure to be honest


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                Yes it does have auto lights and they are set to auto and they work as they should ,it's just the headlights come on when unlocking in daylight

                I have noticed several small round dots on the windscreen and one on rear screen I am assuming these are sensors of some kind ?


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                  I think the sensor is the dome in the centre of the dash


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                    Well yesterday when I unlocked the car to go to work 1300 the lights didnt come on ie was working as it should do

                    When I arrived at work I checked again by locking and unlocking car and two out of three goes the lights stayed off the other one they came on

                    I am just wondering if it could be because I have the privacy blinds fitted ( side and back)?


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                      Shouldn't be. Mine are tinted as standard but no problems.??I'd say there's a problem. Do the lights sometimes come on when you wouldn't expect them too


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                        Only when unlocking the doors I am sure they dont at any other time the sat nav display goes dark when the lights come on when driving which I would expect I may pop in to dealers and ask them what they think


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                          In the dealers as I write

                          I am having the winter check for £25??( using my Vx rewards card) so if I spend £25 I get 25 points back on the card 1 point =£1 so getting it free sort of plus. I get a free winter kit

                          While they have it in I have asked them to look at the lights see what they say

                          I got someone at work to try there lights a Vx line and they only work when it's dark as I expected so I think mine is not right


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                            Dealer solved my problem it only took him a couple of minutes

                            He looked quiet pleased with himself as he explained how he fixed it telling me I wouldn't have a problem now

                            How did he fix it I asked

                            I went in to the settings and turned the option off so the lights don't come on at all when it's unlocked


                            I then explained the problem again which he didn't get telling me I didn't know what I was saying

                            I then showed him the manual and explained how it was meant to work

                            He went to get the keys to another car and tried them and they don't come on in the daylight

                            So it's booked in again next week for another attempt at sorting it out


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                              I think you could do with a new light sensor. Maybe thinking it's dark when it's not?