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Condensation in headlights

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  • Condensation in headlights

    Would hair dryer do the trick? Someone did tell me once that this would do the trick. I had it on my Peugeot previously and it worked.

    Not sure if insignia would be the same since the lighting unit is more sophisticated.

    I may be wrong. Sorry, just trying to help.

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    Moved to Lights.

    Mine had condensation in the rear light clusters but never headlights.


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      Noticed condensation in mine today, just around the edge of the outer lense - AFLs.

      Being HID, I don't think they get anywhere near as hot as with quartz bulbs. So, I can't see them drying out naturally.

      I don't think it is due to water ingress. The car is not garaged, and I think with constant heating and cooling in a damp atmosphere, it is inevitable that humid air will be drawn in and form condensation.

      The headlamp shells are weather proofed, but they are not hermetically sealed.
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        I think it's nothing to worry about on standard lights. Probably more of an issue on the AFLs


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          If you put a couple of those little bags of silica gel that you get with new trainers etc in the back if the lights and drive around with your lights on for a day or two it normally goes away. Worked a treat for me anyway