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  • That's better!

    So far so good. Beam pattern is spot on, no dipped or main beam errors. Drl's only work when i trick them but I'm making a module for that. Big test is to see how well they perform in the dark I guess...


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    Yeah, you do really but I think it will be ok. Loads of people just put a his kit in standard lenses. At least this way the beam is controlled. I'm looking at the washer jet retrofit anyway.


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      Originally bought it when I had a Renault sport Clio so worked for that too.

      If we get the letters together from my plate and your we would actually get the name "karl"! Curse our 4 letter names!


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        They look awful an excellent aftermarket mod


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          Loving the lights and the plate karl. Washers and levellers are not compulsory to pass mot. It says 'if'??they are fitted they must be in working order. Doesn't say must be fitted. Whats your trick to get the drls to work? I might get these as my next mod.


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            Love them Karl great plate too, so come on where from?? and how easy was the wiring??


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              How easy was the wiring? Whats easy for Karl is a nightmare for others


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                Well they are awesome in the dark and I've got rid of the drl warning, however, no drl's still. Maybe one for tomorrow night when I'm fed up in London.

                Russ, pm me your number again mate. I've lost every single contact from my phone. Good old apple!


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                  Karl bored in london = new revelation

                  1st he brought us led dash conversion

                  Now we have hopes of afl look lights

                  If i was bored in london i'd end up at edgeware rd eating and smoking a shisha pipe