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mpg terrible?

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  • mpg terrible?

    Talk about an old thread revival haha. Check your tyre pressures are correct & that the car is serviced at the correct intervals. stop/start driving will kill your mpg no matter if you drive a diesel or a petrol.

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    Picture has been posted before...

    59 plate 160 cdti Derby to Cirencester on Tuesday morning.... . Probably due to average speed for the trip at 60mph... which was surprising due to weirdly light traffic as this was done 630-830 am.

    Normal average is about 55mpg over a tank at 80% mway driving. Air con on all the time.

    Change at between 2 and 2.5k rpm. Don't labour the engine. Tyres at 38 psi all round.

    If below 60mph, unless under extremely light load, use 5th.

    Shot of millers every tankful, although this maybe doing nothing, I get a regen every other tankful.

    Good luck!


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      What i stated was fact and provable with reems of data that i keep (and the obvious photo evidence in this instance).

      The normal mpg i quote at circa 55, is calculated brim to brim. This is consistently 7% lower than displayed within the car.

      Oh and on another point air con does not affect mpg by 20%. No where near that on modern 2.0l diesel engines, particularly ones with dmf's.


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        I think we are in danger of being in violent agreement with each other, .

        I agree the on car display is out, but only appears to be by -7% when i calculate back on a brim to brim basis.

        I also agree with you that average speed is a big factor, the pic above was over an average speed of 60mph.

        On a side note was the diplomat a petrol or derv? I agree that mpg is affected greater on petrol cars.

        My driving is very very much the same one week to the next ~200 mile commute daily, same roads, just weather and driving style that can affect the output