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Insignia Sri 160 CDTI sudden MPG drop 38 to 30 mpg issues ( Ecoflex and SRI diffrence? )

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  • Insignia Sri 160 CDTI sudden MPG drop 38 to 30 mpg issues ( Ecoflex and SRI diffrence? )

    The car could be trying to do a DPF regen but you may not be letting it finish if you only do town driving and don't keep the car above 2k rpm. The difference with the SRI and Ecoflex is the gearing. The Ecoflex is geared longer to assist with mpg especially on long journeys.

    Siggys seem to be hit or miss when you begin talking about mpg. Mines was great to start then VX did software update and it all went tits up. From 37.5 average over 7 months to 28.4 after the update and they couldn't fix it.

    As for DPF delete, it would fail an MOT if it was taken out. Plenty have had remaps but mostly for increased power.

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    More use of air con recently? That would up consumption a bit.

    Maybe the boost control valve is failing - some have reported reduced economy when it has.


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      'stats' from vx?

      Come on,you sud know better,

      My bm has 'stats' of 43 mpg,I get about 31,


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        greenhornetuk, on 14 November 2014 - 12:48 PM, said:
        Just to add, I found out the service soon light comes on due to the fuel dumping as it's dumped into the oil to raise the temp, thus reducing the lifespan if your engine oil. I could be wrong but I've spent quite a while looking around and this seems to be what others say.

        Fuel is not dumped into the oil! There is past injection phase. After the main injection phase some extra fuel is injected into the cambustion chamber to rise the temp of exhaust. And some unburnt fuel from extra injection got past piston rings into the oil sump


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          Yes that is true. Look on your oil life % before dpf regan is started and than after it is finisht. Oil life % will be reduced by some % dont remember by how much since dont have dpf no more


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            this only happens if you kill the engine during a regen ?