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Not bad MPG for an Auto

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  • Not bad MPG for an Auto

    Wee 24 odd mile run tonight so decided to reset my mpg average trip computer. Mixed B,A roads and Motorway. Not bad for an Auto?

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    Craig VXR, on Mar 9 2012, 08:24 PM, said:I can get that with my auto ...???????? If I drive on the motorway at 40mph in 6th gear??
    Haha. Mostly between 60-80 on motorway, traffic dependant and speed limit on other roads or there abouts!


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      BigDek, on Mar 10 2012, 12:16 PM, said:All down hill I take it?? , best I've had is 42, is yours an ecoflex.
      Not an Ecoflex. Over past day with all town driving it's dropped to 44mpg. It normally sits around 38 mpg if I'm not doing motorway miles!


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        RhayaderSax, on Mar 11 2012, 02:04 AM, said:52.8 ?????

        I'm lucky to get 25.8 on a downhill run, with a tailwind.

        I get 20 to 21 average in my petrol 2.0T although it is auto & 4x4.

        What REALLY takes the pi$$ is that I was talking to a guy at Thorney the other week. He drives a VXR-R running at about 400bhp and still manages similar fuel consumption to my measly 220 horse power 2 litre lump.
        Is that something to do with power to weight ratio. Ie the engine doesn't need to work as hard for the same results?? Just a guess!


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          I used manual mode yesterday for full journey and in mine its much more forgiving than full auto. 5th at 40 and 6th at 50. If you are cruising at 70-80 on m-way and have to gradually drop your speed, in auto it will drop to 5th by 55 mph but in manual it will go all the way down to 45 mph and drop to under 40 in 5th where in auto it would be 45-47 mph. I've said all along that the auto mode and manual modes are mixed up. I also never used 1st yesterday when at a stop, just bumped it to either 2nd or 3rd to pull away which is much less jerky than 1st to 2nd!! Still only managed 40.3mpg when before summer it would have been 50 +. Shite software. And yeah mines gets better consumption the faster you go on the m-way, well up to around 85 then it starts to drop again!


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            The strange thing is on the motorway in M6 mines will cruise along happily at 50-55 mph at 1300-1500 rpm. No lumpiness, no judder on hesitation! It's very smooth. Yet in Auto 6 it will drop to 5th and feel rougher and noisier at 1700-1900 rpm. The Passat DSG I had on hire for 8 weeks cruised in any gear at 1200 rpm and was very quiet. No drama, no juddering just smoothness. That's what my autos like in manual, when it should be like that in auto!!


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              steve01252, on 14 April 2013 - 11:42 PM, said:
              How do you bring up average mpg like that I only have 2 trips and range

              Left had stalk. Perforated rubber turner on stalk, click round and it will display on the centre area!