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Tuning Box on a 2010 EcoFlex

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  • Tuning Box on a 2010 EcoFlex

    Hi Folks,

    So previously had a 1.8TDCI Ford Mondeo, I blanked the EGR valve and after a terraclean I threw a tuning box and it did wonders. Better fuel numbers, better torque I was happy as a pig in it.

    Now got the 2010 EcoFlex and I am thinking about repeating the excercise, I was wondering if the same effects are felt on the Sig?

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    Hello be honest I would do the moon walk backwards and stay well clear .
    in my opinion those tuning boxes cause nothing but truble
    what they do is fool the ECU into thinking it's under fuelling the car.Thus they start injecting more fuel into the cylinders and start causing DPF truble ,because the DPF is handling more soot products it cannot handle.
    so over time you will find the car will start doing more regens ,because the soot levels are rising dramatically
    and in the end the DPF will become too saturated for it .
    leading to
    1) the car going into LHM
    2) engine management light
    3) service vehicle soon light comming on
    4) increased oil level if a full,regen is not performed
    5) worse case oil level so high that possible "run away " coukd happen which will lead to bottom end failure
    6) the viscosity of the oil ( its lubricating properties) are deminished leading in itself to bottom end failure.
    we have a member on here Samyam who sadly had that .
    sorry to be the jones but that's my personal opinion.

    10-4 rubber duck!



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      thanks, Lizzard, the mondey was without DPF so that makes sense as to why the box worked well on it but explains why it wouldn't work on the siggy.

      I have to ask though... I am exceptionally intrigued - the radio callouts on your posts? I like it!


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        Mr sigser !

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