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Fuel Level Low - Wont Change

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  • Fuel Level Low - Wont Change

    Come on now just mature comments please

    JUST FILL IT UP!! ::/>

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    Once you go below 30 miles to empty it comes on screen and stays on. Basicslly it's telling you to get your ass to the filling station! You can't change or get it off! Can I ask why you would want to run it that low. You then run the risk of picking up a the crap from having the tank so low!


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      mtuckeruk, on 02 September 2012 - 08:04 AM, said:

      Economy run!. Well I was determined to make my first 700 miles and when I did I was still 20 miles from home with about 40 mile range. The intention was to take it to fill up when I got home to Tesco (5p / litre off voucher), but as I pulled in the driveway this warning message came on and stayed on and I wanted to see the exact figures and was annoyed that I couldn't. I also wanted to photograph it to post on the ECO/MPG forum.

      Also is there not a filter in the tank so that crap doesnt go in? Are you not thinking of older type tanks?

      See above!!


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        D00B, on 02 September 2012 - 11:16 AM, said:
        The crap will knacker your fuel filter and it's not great having to buy a new one. You will know when this happens as the car turns into a 1.5ton kangaroo

        hahahahha i see it lmao