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Another failed emissions nightmare

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    Yes could be, I'm a novice with the diagnostics too but I can get by with the one I use and I haven't done any harm YET - - Dave


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      How did you clean the MAP ?
      was it with electrical contact cleaner and a cotton wool bud?
      if you have prodded it and poked it around then the sensor can get damaged .
      also using any cleaner that is abrasive ( carb cleaner is one ) is a no no
      due to the electrical sensor.
      have you tried cleaning the MAF sensor?
      just spray sone electrical contact cleaner at the probe and allow to dry .
      throttke body you can clean with oven cleaner .
      if your oil level is spot on when cold and no higher than max
      then you don't have a failed regen situation.
      air filter is that new ?
      remember that black smoke is excess carbon i.e. Incomplete combustion,
      so there has to be a metered level of diesel and a metered level of air fir complete combustion
      anything that upsets thease parameters will lead to incomplete combustion.

      14-56 smokey Joe !



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        Previous owner had it fully serviced in May, fuel filter, air filter etc etc. Last week Frank did oil pump, water pump, pickup seal and DMF. Timing kit etc.
        it has always given off a slight puff of smoke and I don’t think it was a surprise it failed the MOT. so last night I ‘tried’ to clean the MAP sensor with a cotton bud and wd40 as the build up on it was rock hard. After that I took it for a spin, it was so much better at idle and to drive, but it was still smoky. It was night so I didn’t see if smoke was black or not. Previously it wasn’t thick black smoke.
        This morning I cleaned the egr valve out and the connecting pipe and the throttle body. All were absolutely clogged with soot, so much so I’m surprised it ran at all. After that it wouldn’t start at all, it almost fired up just never quite got there. That’s when I called the AA.....
        in the back of my mind I’m convinced that the MAP sensor was never right and that I just finished it off and as it’s not a difficult job to repace I thought I might as well go for it because at this stage I have nothing to lose.


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          replaced the MAP sensor which made little improvement. So now it looks like a costly exercise in diagnostics and repairs. I will see what they say at my local place and then decide what to do with it.